PVC decorative sheet is a kind of new environmentally – friendly material. Its arian is similar to wood. It is waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, and will be extinct once away from fire. As it is unfunding it cloud be simply operated without any print, which not only shortens the time limit of the project but also cuts down the cost. Without the smell of print, it is really an ideal material for indoor decoration and furniture making industry.

This decorative sheet could be stuck on the surface of various boards like vener board, flakeboard, fiberboard, blockboard and other materials like high-pressure floor slab, asbestos board, slate, aluminium and plastic profiles. The recent technological process is to firmly stick PVC decorative sheet on the surface of various plates with the vacuum film-cover. The process has been widly used all over the country, which help furniture making, interior wooden door and decoration working as a factory.